CFO Mastermind Group

Because Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike!

CFO Mastermind Membership Requirements

The CFO Mastermind Group consists of members who are a special breed.  They:
  • have been a Chief Financial Officer or Finance Executive for three or more years
  • keep their commitments and can commit to at least eight of the eleven yearly meetings
  • are able to keep information / discussion confidential
  • are interested in quality, not quantity
  • are interested in long-term relationships
  • are okay with competitors in the room and realize the value thereof
  • are givers not takers
Membership dues are $2,500 annually.  Prospective members can pay either one of two ways: in full at the beginning of their membership year; or bi-annually at the initiation of membership and the remainder after six months. If the bi-annual payment plan is preferred; $1,500 is due upon joining and the remaining $1,000 is due after six months. The option may also be exercised to discontinue membership after six months and owe nothing.

A non-member guest can come to one meeting complimentary.  Prior registration is appreciated. Dues can be expensed; education / training or conference / seminars for example.
Membership commences in the first month that operational dues are paid and is renewed annually.  Dues will be do the first day of the month membership became effective.