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Bob Lambert

Samurai Business Group LLC.

speaks at September 2017 Forum

Bob Lambert is a founding partner of Samurai Business Group LLC®, a leading training and consulting firm specializing in improving performance with sales and sales management training to professionals engaged in B-2-B business development and sales. 

He has over 35 years experience in strategic business development, marketing sales and sales management for Global 50, Fortune 500 companies as well as being the founder of four successful entrepreneurial start-up companies. 

Mr. Lambert has successfully coached, mentored, & trained people throughout his career. Several have gone on to become top executives with Fortune companies or found successful entrepreneurial firms. Many of Samurai’s clients have experienced two to three times increases in their sales revenue. 

A vastly popular presenter, Bob's speaking engagements include:  Harvard Business School - Alumni Club, Wharton Business School - Alumni Club, University of Chicago – Booth Roundtables, University of Michigan, Ross Graduate School Alumni, S.C.O.R.E. C12, and Vistage. He has spoken at numerous conferences, seminars for private & public companies, professional and faith based associations and small to medium business groups.

Mr. Lambert serves on the board of advisors at DePaul University – Center for Sales Leadership, where his Samurai Buying Decision Model© is taught as part of their undergraduate and MBA curriculum in professional sales. Additionally 36 other universities have incorporated the Samurai BDM into their sales curriculum. 

Bob attended Ferris State University majoring in Advertising & Marketing, Served in the US Navy.

Larry Kaufman

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

speaks at May 2017 Forum

Larry Kaufman is an Area Vice President for Arthur J. Gallagher (BSD), Senior Sales Leader and Rainmaker. Larry has been a Global Published LinkedIn Public Speaker/Trainer for over 9 years. He has presented to FEI, FENG, CFOLG, CEO Associations, Vistage (Vistage Approved Speaker), Renaissance Executive Forums, TMA (Turnaround Management Association), AM&AA (Alliance for Merger & Acquisition Advisors), M & A Firms, Private Equity Firms, The Real Estate Industry, Hospitality/Hotel Industry, REIA (Real Estate Investment Association). He has also presented to Board Members, Human Resource Executives, ITA (Illinois Technology Association), the Manufacturing and Distribution industry, Construction Companies, Engineering Firms, Electrical Contractors, Commercial Flooring Companies, Banks, Insurance and Law Firms. He also works with C-Level Outplacement Organizations helping executives leverage LinkedIn to find their next executive level position.

Larry has been in sales and sales leadership roles for the past 28 years. He has hired and developed inside and outside sales forces in healthcare, banking to consulting firms in the BPO and the accounting industry as well. Larry has also worked on his own helping small, mid-market to larger companies recruit talent to their organizations and helping them with corporate introductions to expand their client base.

To read more about Larry please visit his LinkedIn profile  or contact him at

Richard D. Janezic

speaks at October 2016 Forum

Richard Janezic has been helping companies grow, renew and improve for more than 25 years. His experience includes early-stage firms through Fortune 250 multinationals in healthcare, finance, business services and technology sectors.  He brings practical executive, advisory, and board level perspectives from companies in scenarios ranging from turnaround through high growth and scale. This cross-industry, broad scenario experience combined with executive, angel investing and consulting roles gives him the unique insights to quickly identify risks and opportunities. Rick's engineering and business training gives him deep quantitative and qualitative skills to analyze problems, and synthesize strategies and plans that have delivered superior shareholder value.

Rick is a growth and change expert. He was founder of a business advisory practice, and has led multiple unit and business turnarounds and transformations. His responsibilities have included internal and external startups, growing a $100M revenue line, and leading teams to improve their statistical rank from worst to first. He is working on his first book about business, change and growth. He is an executive coach and board advisor for Wisconsin-based Pendio Group.

Rick holds a BS Engineering from DeVry University, with graduate business coursework at Wharton, Chicago Booth and Stanford. He is the father of 3, an avid reader, and an occasional golfer.

You can contact Rick at 414.248.2318, email:; via twitter: @rjanezic, linkedin: or Pendio's website:

Josette Goldberg Klopfer
speaks at April 2015 Forum
"Josette specializes in taking already successful business leaders and their teams to the next level of performance. Josette’s passion is challenging leaders to understand every aspect of their company, evaluate what makes them unique, and leverage the talents of each individual team member. Her top-down approach to coaching has a cascading affect on the entire organization. When employees see their leaders re-energized and armed with the fundamentals of leadership, teamwork and personal effectiveness, the whole company and its bottom line grows."  Josette has been a repeated guest to the CFO Mastermind Forum. To find out more about her or Goldberg Executive Coaching services, please visit their website at

Rob Peters of 
Standard of Trust Group 
speaks at April 2014 Forum

Rob is a recognized relationship capital and organizational culture strategist to business leaders. Author of the recently released Book:  "Standard of Trust Leadership: Transforming Business Cultures Through Purpose, Performance, and Relationship Capital."

A trusted resource and advocate for standards of Relationship Capital (RC) assessment, capture, measurement, and utilization. Since 2005, he has played a significant role in the creation of industry standards and best practices for the capture of RC. As a relationship builder with 25+ years of large-account new-business development experience, Rob and his teams created new business clients that generated revenue & profits for iGATE, Capgemini Financial Services, Headstrong, Keane, Romac International and IBM.

Rob’s business experience resulted in a passion; enabling business leaders and their companies to build and maintain high performing cultures of purpose, mastery, and earned relationship capital that results in distinction, revenue, and profitability. Some of the business challenges he addresses are: 1. Loss of clients/customers or sales 2. Low levels of engagement with employees 3. Low levels of innovation 4. Lack of long-term competitive advantage 5. Frustration in breaking down the functional silos

You can contact Mr. Peters at 847 698-3614 or visit their website at

Dan Wallace of 

Tailwind Discovery Group

speaks at August 2013 Forum

"Dan Wallace has nearly 25 years of experience helping companies create and realize value. He has worked with both mature and early-stage companies in more than 40 consumer and B-to-B sectors, both as an advisor and as a C-level executive. His experience as a strategy consultant, operating executive and investment banker gives him a unique perspective and the ability to identify opportunities, create and implement plans to pursue them, and turn the results into shareholder value.

Dan began his consulting career at The Boston Consulting Group and subsequently held senior positions in two boutique strategy consulting firms. He later founded his own business advisory practice, through which he provided interim leadership to several companies, helping them accomplish significant business transformations. In one instance, he led a family-owned specialty finance company through a turnaround that produced a 6x gain in shareholder value in 24 months. Early in his career, Mr. Wallace was a Vice President of Corporate Finance at Sutro & Co. Incorporated (now part of RBC Wealth Management), where he completed both sell- and buy- side M&A transactions, LBOs and IPOs.

Dan holds a BA from Whitman College and an MBA from the Harvard Business School."

You can contact Dan at (630) 803-6625 or visit their website at  Dan has been a repeated guest at the CFO Mastermind Forum.

Michelle Binks of 


speaks at October 2013 Forum                           

For the first time in history, beginning in 2014, there will be a federal requirement to offer prescribed health coverage or potentially pay a penalty. • Is your company required to offer coverage? • Are you a small employer or an applicable large employer? • Do you know the legal definition of a full-time employee? • What happens if you fail to meet the new law’s requirements? • When will these penalties go into effect? • Which employers are eligible for a premium tax credit? Join HRInsights and Michelle Binks to find out the answers at the October CFO Mastermind Forum on Wednesday, October 16th, 2013; and what specifically it means for the CFO and your business.

Michelle Binks, Director of Human Resource Services for HRInsights, has over 20 years of diversified human resource experience including benefit programs, federal and state employment compliance, compensation structure / analysis, recruiting, handbook development / redesign, and training. Her background encompasses a multitude of industries including manufacturing, marketing, information technology, medical practices and financial services to name a few. Michelle leads our HR Advisor team, giving our clients personalized, customized HR advice and guidance.

You can contact Michelle at (248) 842-8614 or visit their website at