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Christine LoCascio

Chief Financial Officer
Nania Energy Advisors

Christine LoCascio is a valued Chief Financial Officer in the Energy Industry. Analytical and action-oriented, she is a professional with experience in Financial Planning, Analysis, and Reporting. She has a hands-on management style with strong analytical and strategic planning expertise; with experience in Human Resources and Operations. Known for a team-based management style and vision-based organization design.

Christine is a senior-level executive with a passion for technology and extensive hands-on experience in management, business leadership, and working alongside CEOs and leadership teams. A detail-oriented professional with an MBA and an established record of success in

complex environments. Areas of expertise in:

  • Financial and Strategic Planning

  • Budget and KPI Development and Administration

  • Staff Management and Development

  • Debt and Cash Flow Management

  • Business Expansion and Startups

  • Merger and Acquisition Negotiations

  • Licensing and Reporting Compliance

  • Accounting Audits and Revenue Recognition

  • Procurement and Vendor Negotiations

  • Insurance Coverage Expertise for Business and Staff

  • Energy Partner Procurement and Contract Negotiations

  • Facilities Leasing and Maintenance Management

  • Sales Strategy and Incentive Development

  • Information Technology Improvement and Implementation

About Nania Energy Advisors

Nania Energy Advisors is the largest energy consulting firm in Illinois. Founded in 1999, we provide comprehensive solutions and guidance to minimize electricity and natural gas costs for commercial and industrial energy consumers. We manage accounts in all deregulated energy markets and advise our clients on energy procurement, efficiency projects, demand management, and sustainability. Our 17-person team of energy advisors, Certified Energy Managers, and client service specialists are united under one goal – to make energy easy for our clients so they can be successful.

Christine LoCascio
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