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Craig Levy

Chief Financial Officer
BPX Express Logistics

For both early stage and mature companies, innovation is critical to forge the path to profitable customer interactions. Craig Levy is a finance executive who does more than just keep score. He is one who can be a partner at the leadership table and has the vision to predict the downstream results of action or inaction.

A deeply operationally-focused finance leader and team mentor, Craig has worked with all levels and cross-functionally, within the company, including Manufacturing, Sales, Sales Operations, Professional Services, Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Product Development and Business Development. He is an expert in the who, what, when and how of Private Equity finance and accounting from an operating company perspective.

This has informed his unique operational perspective and gives him the peer credibility to collaborate and implement high value solutions, quickly. Craig creates partnerships between departments and with a variety of stakeholders to add value and troubleshoot ideas to find viable answers.

His career highlights include:

  • Strong background in Professional Services, manufacturing / distribution, SaaS economics, new business development, human resources, risk management & sales management.

  • Comfortable communicating big picture and details to public audiences, public company directors, executive management to the entry level worker.

  • Managed profitable top line growth of 123% in a two-year span.

  • Coaching and Mentoring of new first line executives on what it means to demonstrate business acumen, effective communication/message mapping and upline expectation management.

About BPX

The success of BPX Logistics comes largely because of superior service and an extra attention to detail throughout our operations. We tailor our approach to set up a personalized logistics plan that fits the specific needs of our clients. Our ability to meet your schedule, as well as the unique talents of our key personnel, allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. BPX Logistics is committed to providing custom solutions for our clients’ transportation needs.


With multiple locations on the Southeastern seaboard of the United States, inland container moves are our specialty. BPX Logistics is a one-stop shop to handle any import or export shipments across the Southeast. We strive to ask the right questions concerning clients’ business requirements, and we tailor transportation solutions to meet those needs. Our proactive approach will add value to your bottom-line.


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Craig Levy
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