CFO Mastermind Group

Because Great Minds Don't Always Think Alike!

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

An Idea is Born

Back in 2013 we had an idea!  What if all of those great Finance Executives, that we knew from other business endeavors, wanted to just have a mental breather?  Better yet, what if we provided the space and introduced them to each other?  Best of all, what if we made the meetings valuable and worthy of their time? Like we thought, many finance executives got out from behind their desks and joined ranks with other CFOs and have participated in our forums. Now we are hoping to facilitate other small groups for CFOs and finance executives near you!

More to Come

The Phoenix / Scottsdale CFO Mastermind Group, also known as CFO PHX - A Mastermind Group, will be introduced in the late summer of 2018.